Impactful Global Tech Talent Solution | Integrating Skilled Refugee Talents Into The Global Tech Workforce.
Khaled Shaaban, CEO & Founder Subul


Subul ‘Pathways’, named after 'Subul Alayesh' or 'Living Pathways' in Arabic, is a social enterprise that embodies its mission to forge new, dignified employment pathways within the tech industry for refugees and disadvantaged individuals.


Subul is pioneering a revolution in tech talent acquisition. Its mission is to harness the often-overlooked potential of refugee tech talents, transforming them into a driving force for innovation and growth within the tech industry. By providing a holistic, one-stop tech talent solution, Subul simplifies the complexities of global recruitment for tech businesses, enabling them to tap into a rich, diverse pool of skilled professionals swiftly and seamlessly.
Subul's innovative approach melds a deep passion for technology with a commitment to social progress, crafting tailored solutions that not only propel the tech industry forward but also advance racial equity. Subul is not just filling positions—it is bridging worlds, connecting global tech enterprises with extraordinary talent, and fostering an inclusive environment that nurtures innovation. Through this, Subul redefines what it means to be a leader in tech recruitment, demonstrating that the path to industry advancement is also a path to societal transformation.

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