De ondernemer achter ProPortion

"ProPortion’s purpose is to  accelerate the social entrepreneurial sector targeting low-income communities, by applying the power of design-thinking, Our ambition is to impact over 10 million people at BoP by 2024."


ProPortion is a creative agency that realises social business. At the Base-of-Pyramid. Together. We believe that design-thinking and lean startup methods are key in creating successful BoP business models.

ProPortion has a team of professionals, varying from business strategists, design-thinkers and context experts, who live for realising social impact through designing life-improving products & service, through an entrepreneurial approach. 

Local consumer insights are always our starting point for designing appealing and affordable products & services for low-income communities. And communities are not only seen as consumers. They are often part of the solution, being suppliers, distributors and brand promotors.

We are no academics. We are practitioners. We excel in applying design-thinking and lean startup methods in Base-of-Pyramid contexts. We believe the most successful way to create inclusive business models is by prototyping, testing and improving, till you have a product/service model that works on the ground. Not just on paper.

ProPortion incubates own BoP enterprises in Bangladesh, Kenya and Colombia through its foundation. And we offer our expertise in design-thinking and lean startup to NGOs, start-ups and corporates to become successful in developing new product/service models for and with the BoP.


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