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Local knowledge, Global impact.

Delft Imaging Systems

Delft develops unique health innovations that respond to the specific needs and desires of those that Delft believes should always be central to product design: vulnerable communities around the world.

Delft Imaging Systems (Delft) is dedicated to improving people's quality of life around the world by means of its systems, software and services. Delft Imaging Systems aims to strengthen health care globally with affordable and innovative medical imaging solutions. Delft believes that treatment can only serve its purpose when it follows adequate diagnosis. Means to identify health problems at an early stage are unfortunately not a surety in developing or conflict-affected areas. Though diagnostics should be equally accessible for everyone, developing countries are frequently under-resourced. They do not have the necessary access to diagnostics nor the availability of trained personnel. Delft takes these detrimental situations, and the specific approach these cases require, as a starting point for product development. For more information on Delft’s projects, visit their website.