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Martijn van Engelen, CE) & Founder

SNEW Circular Telecom & IT

Who are we?
SNEW's extensive commitment to environmental protection and social development has already earned it a national award and considerable international media attention. We are the creator and inventor of Eco-social Recycling.
Our model consists of the process components: recollect, re-use, recycle. (What makes us different is that we focus on Reuse). This makes us experts in product life cycle management of IT and telecom equipment.

How do we do this?
By giving your equipment a second life after a complete cosmetic and technical refurbishment. Each device you send us is assessed one by one by our team of experts, who only send the equipment for recycling when reuse is no longer (economically) justifiable.
In this way we have created a comprehensive formula that can be applied in any company or organization and that will not only save you money, but this action also serves as a response to the climate agreement agreed by the European Union and the specific actions in the Netherlands. .
When we provide the service of life cycle management to your equipment, you will be able to use the hardware for longer through preventive maintenance, which leads to a longer life.
Through life cycle extension on end-of-life equipment, we have already re-launched more than 200,000 reusable products in 2019.

An important reason for our suppliers to process their ICT hardware via SNEW is the manageability of our process from start to finish; from hardware supplier to end user and back. We can do this by supplying a single process that includes all links of the end-of-life chain.

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